Rome: 10 things you can't miss if you visit the city

there are 10 things you can't miss and I'll tell you here. Rome is a city to visit a thousand times without fear of boredom. We have already gone several times and have never repeated even a place to eat.

Candied cherry tomatoes. Bruschetta caprese

These candied cherry tomatoes I made this summer for Javi's birthday. They accompanied some piadins that I put on appetizers and they practically flew. They are sweet tomatoes, caramelized almost with oil, vinegar and sugar and that is perfect in...

Lasagna bolognese. Italian tradition of old

This Bolognese lasagna is my favorite in my house. Made with its cooking time of bolognese but above all of the bechamel. What characterizes this pasta dish is that it is made from layers that alternate the filling with the paste. The lasagna can be filled with...

Porra antequerana. It tastes like fair

Porra antequerana is one of the dishes that reminds me of summer, Málaga and fair. It is a dish that is made in thousand versions, which depend on the person who prepared it. and this Club today, is not the authentic version, neither the true nor the only just that...

Frozen unsweetened blueberries. Creamy and coconut

This recipe's unsweetened coconut ice cream remoso is the recipe for ice cream more often I do every summer when I want a quick ice cream, easy and low in calories. It is perfect for those that coconut don't like and for those who don't want to using cream for their high fat content.

Poles of lactose-free, sugar-free handle. The summer in your hand

These poles of lactose-free and sugar-free mango are my wild each summer when preparing a dessert in 2 minutes and almost no ingredients. You just need to have fruit frozen by that always take the end of season for example strawberries and mangos to freeze kilos of fruit during the year I used to prepare jams and homemade ice cream.

Panna cotta in strawberry with red fruit sauce

This Panna cotta of strawberries is the favorite dessert of my son lately. The House prepare it, well I should say it, prepares it because javi Cook very well, but always prepared it vanilla. I like to put a splash of good Virgin olive oil extra sauce and a few shavings of truffle or chocolate.

San Juan coca with pistachios. Another way to celebrate San Juan

This San Juan coca with pistachios will be so this year we will celebrate our particular night of San Juan. In Malaga, the custom is to go out at night to take fish and a few skewers of sardines to the beach, enjoy the juas (thus the bonfires are called) where always

Mushi-vanilla and chocolate bread

Mushi-NAPs are a few cupcakes Japanese soft, light and fluffy are surprisingly easy. You can enjoy them as a breakfast or a snack after school and although it has many versions, today I bring you my two favorite: that of vanilla and the...

Pasta with gorgonzola and Sage vinaigrette salad

This pasta with gorgonzola and Sage vinaigrette salad has become a wild card at home. And it is that it is equally delicious cold than warm. At home we are uppercase pasta lovers. I always have several kinds of pasta and I enjoy very much using different forms

Granola without oven. Easy recipe without sugar in 15 minutes

This is the easy granola recipe without oven in 15 minutes that I prepared with Tere the Maria kitchenettes live weeks ago. It has no gluten or sugar and does not need oven so finally you have a recipe for breakfast rich but no oven. I've done it with chocolate which I love but

Sausage meat and onion sauce. Bangers and mash

This recipe for sausage meat and onion sauce is my version of the recipe and sausages with mashed potatoes that is eaten more in Great Britain, the bangers and mash are called "Bangers" because with heat, tripe sausages break blow (bang) when cooked unless that you click before cooking.

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