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Rome: 10 things you can't miss if you visit the city

there are 10 things you can't miss and I'll tell you here. Rome is a city to visit a thousand times without fear of boredom. We have already gone several times and have never repeated even a place to eat.


Luxembourg is one of the European cities which had more desire to visit. It is not that it enlarge, that it is not, nor have the best museums, either, however this small country always has been a goal for my. We arrived at the end of the evening at our hotel

The castles of Luxembourg. The discovery of our trip

The castles of Luxembourg have been one of the biggest surprises of our trip by Belgium, France and Luxembourg. For a long time that I wanted to travel to Luxembourg and explore its castles, and so the best way was to do it in the car because

Road bike for Helsinki

Today I took route by bike by Helsinki, one of my favorite Nordic cities and in which you can enjoy everything and everyone. Helsinki is a city green, open and that you enjoy bike as in almost all Nordic cities. It's funny how you...

Nyaung-U in Bagán market

The small market of Nyaung-U in Bagán is one of those sites that make you a trip. We had just landed in Bagán, what already was an adventure and we were heading to Bagán. But before they expected us to two stops.

The Brandenburg Gate. Easter doughnuts

The Brandenburg Gate today accompanies these cakes of Easter that I like both and I repeat and I repeat whatever the time of year. First we're going to take a stroll through the bustling German capital to continue then with

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