desserts - desserts

Macarons of mango. The best of the Axarquía

Do you think if we take the dessert? A few delicious macarons of handle to accompany summer. I made them on a morning of laughter with my friend and blogger Luisa Morón

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I am passionate about the United Kingdom. Its streets, its customs and its desserts, one of my favorites is the delicious ruibarbos oatmeal crumble. It cannot be more british!

Ice cream m & m's

And who has said that the ice cream has to be vanilla or chocolate and served on balls? From that nothing. We make beautiful flowers with a silicone mould and give a touch more cool to this delicious ice cream.

Petit choux Tower. Croquembouche

The recipe that I present today is a mixture of several I've used at various times: Thomas Keller, Paco Torreblanca and my mother is that I like most of all.

Bundt Marble Cake de chocolate y naranja

That I love the bundt cakes already know it. I really love how cooked the biscuits in the oven in this type of molds and above all, I love the way so beautiful they take.

Banana cake vanilla cake and frosting

Today we will not travel to any place, today we will travel in time. It seems incredible but the blog already meets month two years!... and sorry that I can not resist to take stock

Pavlova or angel (Paulova) cake

Today, love and lovers, I bring this delicious recipe to which have much affection because it is from my grandmother that has been in my family since

Igloo cake... what cold!

Cold!... is like being at the North Pole. And I not stopped until the tart Igloo or Iglu cake that I bring you today... So today is a post very, but very white. Landscape snowy and very sweet with a little vanilla House

Mini bundt cakes from "burnt" butter

One of the most beautiful places that hides basin is the birth of the Crow River. After a walk of about an hour in total you will have earned surplus a succulent meal... and dessert... A few