desserts - desserts

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla mousse. Sweet heart

It's a mousse of three flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. It is very rich and is easy to do. You can prepare up to two days before taking it, and if you want, you can freeze it and before you take it,

Cheese and pumpkin cake

There is a site in New York that you can not miss if you like the cheesecake. Junior´s is called and they have more than 30 types of cheesecake. When we were there it was so difficult to make up our minds that we ended up

Claudias plum jam

You know that I love jams, and now that we have created the new section of kitchen express, I have proposed to share with you my favorite. Today I bring you one of the plums that crazy my mother claudia

Chocolate brownie. The authentic American

This chocolate brownie I learned on my first trip to the United States when he was just 14 years old and since then it have not changed one iota because it seems perfect to me. With hazelnuts

Fig Jam

I must admit that the jams with my weakness. I love to do them at the end of the season. When is the fruit cheapest. I always do too much (at least a kilo of fruit) because it is a gift

Mascarpone and toffee ice-cream

I leave until September but with a delicious ice cream recipe that insurance have so far not proven, and I say one thing... as the day at the beach: spectacular!

Macarons of mango. The best of the Axarquía

Do you think if we take the dessert? A few delicious macarons of handle to accompany summer. I made them on a morning of laughter with my friend and blogger Luisa Morón

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I am passionate about the United Kingdom. Its streets, its customs and its desserts, one of my favorites is the delicious ruibarbos oatmeal crumble. It cannot be more british!

Ice cream m & m's

And who has said that the ice cream has to be vanilla or chocolate and served on balls? From that nothing. We make beautiful flowers with a silicone mould and give a touch more cool to this delicious ice cream.

Petit choux Tower. Croquembouche

The recipe that I present today is a mixture of several I've used at various times: Thomas Keller, Paco Torreblanca and my mother is that I like most of all.