Salads and vegetables

Candied cherry tomatoes. Bruschetta caprese

These candied cherry tomatoes I made this summer for Javi's birthday. They accompanied some piadins that I put on appetizers and they practically flew. They are sweet tomatoes, caramelized almost with oil, vinegar and sugar and that is perfect in...

Porra antequerana. It tastes like fair

Porra antequerana is one of the dishes that reminds me of summer, Málaga and fair. It is a dish that is made in thousand versions, which depend on the person who prepared it. and this Club today, is not the authentic version, neither the true nor the only just that...

Pasta with gorgonzola and Sage vinaigrette salad

This pasta with gorgonzola and Sage vinaigrette salad has become a wild card at home. And it is that it is equally delicious cold than warm. At home we are uppercase pasta lovers. I always have several kinds of pasta and I enjoy very much using different forms

Chickpeas with cod. Reinvented Malaga vigil stew

This dish has become the favorite of lent at home and in the easiest and fastest way of preparing uy eat chickpeas at home. It has many varieties with or without egg, with or without cod and you can even add a few fresh spinach.

Cream of curried carrots and crispy bacon

This cream of curried carrots and crispy bacon is one of those creams when do it already you can not stop repeating it. It's funny how each much have eaten when it is small. In my house my mother passed it fatal to us eating vegetables, so when he had to Javi

Roasted basil tomato soup

A long time ago that I wanted to make this soup of tomato with Basil. I like a lot to use the tomato in the creams in summer and in my house already know that there is no shortage or gazpacho, salmorejo or truncheon.

Easy recipe for mini tacos with guacamole of yogurt. The recipe of coincidences.

An easy recipe for mini tacos with guacamole of yogurt is what I bring you today. In my House still do not give credit and they are super rich. This is one of those dinners that arise when it comes time for dinner, and I have nothing prepared. I open the fridge and by magic, there are things that arise alone and this was so.

Gluten free spinach crepes stuffed with salmon and roasted sweet potatoes

These spinach stuffed salmon and roasted sweet potato pancakes are also very original beautiful and super rich. I prepared them the first time with great curiosity to know if they would actually be good. And the conclusion was that they are great to take vegetables in a different way,

Quinoa gluten with guacamole Burger suitable for all audiences

This quinoa gluten with guacamole Burger made me pass one of the most sympathetic afternoons in recent weeks. Cooking live with my friend Tere de Las María Cocinillas is always super fun, so the evening on Instagram has been great.

My favorite homemade tomato sauce. Marinara tomato sauce

When I prepare this homemade tomato sauce always I take to do too much. Of course you can make less. You only have to divide the quantities proportionately, but I prefer to prepare it and keep it in jars so that then I have always available for all salsa. Especially for improvised dinners of my son.

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