Mushi-vanilla and chocolate bread

Mushi-NAPs are a few cupcakes Japanese soft, light and fluffy are surprisingly easy. You can enjoy them as a breakfast or a snack after school and although it has many versions, today I bring you my two favorite: that of vanilla and the...

La-receta-MAS-Facil-de-Pan-brioche. The best bread for French toast

This is the easiest recipe for brioche bread that I have tried and that always goes well. You can make it in the Thermomix, conventional blender or by hand and you will be so easy to do it constantly. I do it so that I can serve as bread for the toast and...

Gluten-free Brownie. Easy recipe with chocolate everywhere

This gluten-free brownie recipes is dedicated to all of you, that you have intolerance to gluten, to those who feel you badly and that is why you have to deprive you of many things. Many times I write asking for recipes that you can take and this is dedicated to all of you.

Easy recipe for Banana bread or banana lactose-free sponge cake

This banana bread or banana cake is one of my favorites. Because it is very easy to prepare and I love to take advantage of those bananas that are ripe in the fridge. those that are ugly and that nobody wants because eat but are ta rich and sweet.

Plums and coconut with crispy meringue cake. Louisse cake

This cake with plums and coconut with crispy meringue, has become one of which I do more this year with plums. You know that I love to cook with the season's vegetables and fruits. Take advantage of when fruits are at their best is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy. Us,

Chocolate cake and pumpkin with cream of maple syrup. Viva fall!

With this chocolate cake and pumpkin with cream of maple syrup I welcome the autumn and that finally I have oven and oven go! One good move of House things is that I have had to change some things because not could bring them home, and that I have

Chocolate cake with olive oil.

I discovered this chocolate cake with olive oil by accident. Some friends of my son came home and asked me a chocolate cake. I could have done it with butter or coconut oil but the olive oil in the baking is my

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