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Lasagna bolognese. Italian tradition of old

This Bolognese lasagna is my favorite in my house. Made with its cooking time of bolognese but above all of the bechamel. What characterizes this pasta dish is that it is made from layers that alternate the filling with the paste. The lasagna can be filled with...

Cream of potato and mayonnaise. Cream to taste in Christmas

This potato and mayonnaise is the cream we take at home at Christmas always. It is a recipe very simple but delicious and with a completely different flavour thanks to the mayonnaise that is mixed once. I have prepared it with the Cook Expert...

Shrimp Stuffed potatoes with tuna

These potatoes stuffed with prawns with tuna opened the recipes for this Christmas season. They are very easy to prepare but are especially delicious. They carry a filler that it serves you for filling potatoes than any other vegetables such as aubergines

Marinated salmon with beet

This marinated salmon with beet recipe I saw in one of the last books that I bought, Afternoon tea at home. The author is Will Torrent, one of the leading experts in pastry and chocolate in the United Kingdom who has worked with Heston Blumenthal...

Easy stuffed with meat and foie cannelloni recipe.

Today I bring you this easy recipe of cannelloni stuffed with meat and foie gras. It is the recipe that my mother prepares every year at the new year meal. Probably the few mothers who prepared a dinner of new year's Eve and the next day a meal that is not based

Foie gras with salt. The pleasure of cooking duck liver at home

This foie gras on salt you will love and is that home-made duck liver is the most. When arrive this time never missing the foie gras at home and this time I prepared it in salt, a delicious duck liver. The pleasure of foie gras at home is something I discovered makes

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